About Lemongrass Thai Cuisine Petersfield

About Lemongrass Thai Cuisine Petersfield

Lemongrass Thai Staff MemberAuthentic aromas and ingredients – a cuisine that lingers on the tongue,exotic appealing time after time. Lemongrass Thai Restaurants are situated in Rustington, Chichester and now Petersfield. The restaurant offers exquisite Thai cuisine in a modern, stylish venue. The spacious and welcoming interior is carefully lit for a relaxing atomosphere. Guests will appreciate the traditional Thai service, world renowned hospitality and honest food that’s cooked to order and served with pride.

The lemongrass offers innovative yet classic cuisine of the highest calibre using the very finest ingredients sourced from the best suppliers both locally and abroad. The restaurant serves genuine Thai dishes – diners can choose from chicken, beef, lamb, duck, seafood, noodles, rice and vegetarian dishes. Our selection offers a variety of wines and soft drinks with a choice of exotic fruit juice such as lychee mango & coconut, Asians beers and of course sake.

To view details of our cuisine, please visit the menu page.

Cuisine is spiced by our Thai chef, Mr.Prapuan, who has an artful hand.

Thank you (khob khun krub)